The Best Mafia Wars Tricks Ever Revealed – 4 Tips to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars

Mafia wars is an exciting online multi-player game that has over 19 million users currently playing on Facebook, Myspace and Yahoo. This article will give you some of the best Mafia Wars tricks ever revealed. It will provide 4 tips to win and dominate Mafia Wars.

Everyone will be begging to know what you’re doing to dominate this game. Before we get into the tricks, I want to tell you that you should try and take this game life as your own. I mean, don’t get TOO into it that you actually believe it is your life. But, a lot of this game and the success of it requires some of the same things that your own life may require such as work, investments and having a strong family. Anyways, let’s get started with best Mafia Wars tricks ever to be revealed!

Tip #1 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars – Work

It is absolutely necessary for you to work to start dominating the game. For this game to run smoothly on your side, you need money. When you start doing jobs not only do you get money but you also gain experience which allows you to level up as well. Just like in real life, working is very important and money is super good too. So work your butt off and it will pay off.

Tip #2 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars – Buy Property

You want to buy property because the more property you have the more investments you have. The more investments you have the more money you have access to. To begin investing you can start with Mafia Mike’s investments which helps you to also start earning more money. Then once you have more money, you are able to purchase larger investments which give you a much larger return on your investment.

Tip #3 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars – Be Good to Your Family

Just like in real life, you need to be good to your family to have a strong and large family. This game is all about money and having a strong family. The only way to actually be successful in this game is to have a strong family with people that can back you up when things get rough. Make sure that nobody on your family is weak. Ensure that your entire family have weapons readily available to them. You are a team, when one person in the family is in trouble; you need to go defend them. This is absolutely key to a successful game and one of the best Mafia Wars tricks ever revealed and is often overlooked.

Tip #4 to Win and Dominate Mafia Wars – Get the Best Equipment

It is extremely important that you and your entire family are equipped with sufficient weapons, armour and vehicles. This is absolutely necessary so you can defend yourself and build your Mafia Wars family. Some equipment can only be obtained after you reach certain levels though. Be sure to go to Cuba when you reach level 35 because you will find plenty of useful weapons and gain a lot of experience.