Building a Sexist Shed

Every bloke has one, but what about the women?

Building a garden shed does not have to be for the tools, the kitchen sink or the boy’s toys it could be slanted towards an extra room for art, crafts, dressmaking studio. The first choice before drawing up building plans is to decide the purpose of the building and who will be using it the most. There are many great plans for building different styles of shed but the basics remain the same.

• The site being of main importance as the shed /studio will be there for a long time. The fact that the property will be sold a number of times also means that the building needs to be attractive, functional, and handy to the home on the section.

• Accessibility should also be considered as there may be a need to unload items from a vehicle or trailer if it is being used for storage.

• Surroundings such as location of utilities and the likelihood of existing services at risk of being damaged from building excavations, site preparation.

• Siting for the sun of huge importance, the main part orientated to the sunny side because the sun has a feel good factor, makes the shed/studio warmer and more pleasant to work in. Obviously, this depends where in the world you are building.

• Materials that you plan on using and where you will get them. eBay, your local hardware shop, the neighbor, demolition yard, or manufacturer.

• The council permits that may be required, they will be different depending on the council involved.

• The cost, always allow more than you budget, even the very best laid plans can go astray, Murphy’s law has a lot to answer for sometimes!

• One of the most important suggestions is talk to your neighbor and tell them your plans. The shed may spoil their view, cut down on the amount of sun their garden receives in the course of the day. They may also have some good ideas that may be of help in your building project. Who knows, they may even help building your shed.

• Measure your planned site. Will it fit? Distance from your home, access, services.

• Who is going to have the use of your shed or studio, and what inside finishing it may need. The lady of the house may want to decorate appropriately, if it’s going to be for her. A blokes shed will need a beer fridge and very little else!